Featured OTA Center: Denver

By   |  April 15, 2013

Online Trading Academy Denver consists of two campuses in Colorado, one just north of the city in Northglenn and the other to its south in Castle Rock. John Henkel, owner and manager of both centers, explains this is an optimal solution to serve the sprawling region. The most distinctive feature of the Castle Rock center, where he has his office, is the two trading rooms named for their spectacular views—Pikes Peak and Mile High, which looks out on downtown Denver. Traders often come in early in the morning to catch the market open, just as the first rays of the sun are hitting the Rockies to the west.

Coloradans tend to have an independent streak, Henkel says, and this fits the Online Trading Academy dream of achieving financial freedom through successful trading and investing. Perhaps because of the tradition of mining and agriculture in the area, the Futures classes are among the most popular. Another tradition in Colorado is independent women who want to manage their own finances, and Henkel notes that the centers have an unusually high proportion of female students and graduates.

Hans Deller on Sailboat June 2009

OTA graduate Hans Deller, in the “trading room” aboard his sailboat

One Denver student spends half his year in the Rockies and the other half in the Caribbean, where he trades equities and options from his sailboat in order to fund his lifestyle. Another is a Forex trader who was new to trading when he came to Online Trading Academy and learned risk management; now his trading volume has gotten so large that he has to trade through an institutional desk, like the biggest banks, to get his fills. His ultimate goal is to buy a home on the slopes of Vail, and pay for it with cash earned through trading.

Denver also has its own OTA celebrity in Ryan Watkins, who lives in the area and spends time at the two centers when he is not traveling the world to teach. Ryan, who helped design much of OTA’s core curriculum, leads a monthly meetup where he shares his market view and describes recent trades he’s made. “It’s like a live XLT recap,” Henkel says. “It’s nice to have that resource locally.” The events, usually held between 5pm and 7pm, always draw overflow crowds.


John Henkel, Owner/Manager of OTA Denver

Henkel spent 25 years as a floor trader on the Chicago Board Options Exchange and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Wanting to make a lifestyle change, a friend recommended OTA. Henkel flew to Irvine and took a class in 2012. Impressed with the quality of the education and the professionalism of the Instructors, Henkel knew immediately that he had found his calling. Living in Denver and working with students committed to transforming their lives has been a perfect fit for his second career.

Visitors are always welcome at the Northglenn and Castle Rock campuses. Visit the Denver home page for maps and directions.